Faux Finishing Brushes & Tools

Paintinthetown, Faux offers a great selections of brushes, tools and other accessories to compliment our paint products.

Empty Gallon Bucket

Containers of all shapes and sizes are available to make your life a little more organized. We offer measuring containers, gallon buckets and squirt bottles. You will also find pumps for gallon jug containers and study wooden totes for carrying your colors around.

Stippling Brush

Our selection of Faux Finishing Brushes includes high quality, traditional block stipplers, floggers, liners, colorwash and stencilling brushes, and badger blenders. We also offer the lower end utility brushes like chip brushes and foam brushes at bargain prices. Plus, you'll find brushes for that special purpose or duty that may commonly occur - like creating spattering patterns or graining in woods. Whatever way you create your finishes, we are sure you will find a brush to suit your needs.

Paint Rollers certainly can make the job go quicker! You can get them right here, online, with your paint purchase. Choose from standard frames and naps to the newer high tech foam rollers. We also carry rollers that impart various textures and patterns.

Sea Sponges have become a staple for most decorative artists. We offer various sizes of natural wool sea sponges. These are the nice ones! We have the sponge rollers as well - complete with a little triangular sponge for those small, hard to get to areas.


Tape! Talk about choice! As you know the days of just a few sizes of manilla color masking tape are over. Now we have paper tape, wide tape, skinny tape, green tape, high tack or low tack. Some of these are really hard to find. So, stock up for your next project.

Our choice of Trowels and Spatulas includes such staples as blue steel "spats", stainless steel trowels and texture applicators. We offer some unique rubber applicators that are hard to find.

Wood Graining Tools are essential for creating a convincing illusion on natural wood. Whether you are working to create an oak finish and need a check roller or a large rocker for reproducing wider grains, Paintinthetown, Faux has the tool for the woodgraining job.

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