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Imagine That Old Piece Of Furniture Looking
Beautiful and Expensive

This class will show you how to save thousands of dollars
by using simple furniture painting techniques.   View Samples

It's amazing how a few faux painted finishes can transform
a piece of furniture, isn't it? Watch a plain old end
table transform into a work of art right before your eyes.

Be careful, though. There is more to it than meets the eye.
Before you refinish a piece of furniture, you must
prepare it properly for the finish to endure. You may
think you need to sand, prime, and strip it before
you begin. With our products stripping the old piece of
furniture is hardly ever necessary

Samples you will take home from the Furniture Finishes
class include:

   • Distressing .
   • Gilding and Restoration
   • Faux Marquetry
   • Antiqued Stained crackle
   • More...

View Samples     
Painting on wood can be very addictive. The next thing
you know, you will be painting every piece of furniture you
see. Don't miss this opportunity to learn proper
furniture painting.

If you are a professional, you can double your income by
adding furniture painting to your repertoire, and you can paint furniture at home at your leisure.

Your garage sale finds will double and triple in value
as you apply your newly acquired furniture painting skills!

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