FAUX BASICS 1 - $175
FAUX BASICS 2 - $175
FAUX BASICS 1 & 2 - $299
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How To Start Faux Painting!

Considering faux painting in your own home? Or wondering if faux painting is for you as a professional?

Basics for Beginners

If you are a beginner at faux painting, Faux Basics is the
class for you. As a beginner you may not realize how many
glazing techniques exist and how learning the correct way of
glazing is the foundation for all other faux finishing. You may
imagine that sponging is pretty much it. If so, you are in for
a FUN surprise!  View Samples


Multiple Techniques From One Faux Product

You will learn glazing techniques such as:
   Simulation of leather
   Simulation of suede
   Susie Goldenberg’s color wash system
   Color blending

Preparing the Room for Faux Painting

There is more to faux painting a room than meets the eye. These tips will also be demonstrated in the Faux Basics class:

   • Total room rendering
   • How to do corners and edges so they look the same as
     the middle of the wall
   • Taping accurately and quickly
   • Professional tricks to save you time and stress
   • Safe ways to do stairwells with no scaffolding
   • More...

A Foundation of Vocabulary and Knowledge

In this introductory class, you will study the "staples"of faux painting. Either Faux Basics or Faux Fundamentals is recommended as a prerequisite to other workshops.

The World of Faux Painting

Step into the world of faux painting and discover if it is your passion to start a business or just to create in your own home - either way you will reap the rewards.

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