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How This Class Can Make You $1000's! 
One-day class. View Samples

Register for our Cabinet Finishes Workshop and
make $1000's when you offer your faux painting services
to update your clients' kitchens and bathrooms.
And, as a result, increase your client base through your
clients' excited referrals.

Cabinets are one of the biggest money makers and
most requested finishes in today’s market.

You don't have to be a professional to spruce up your own cabinets. At Paintin' the Town Faux, we make it easy. Yes, you can get rid of those old cabinets and have the most up-to-date ones.

Thousands of people bought new construction homes
in the last few years. Perhaps you or your clients are
tired of that outdated white cabinetry and are ready for
a cost-effective fresh look a faux finish provides.

Kitchen remodeling is a breeze when you apply the
techniques you'll learn in the Cabinet Finishes
workshop. Learn French antiquing, distressing
random crackle and so much more - even tips on
prepping and base coating cabinets. View Samples
Samples are painted on actual cabinet door panels.

Relax and enjoy this one-day workshop that will spur
you forward in the area of Cabinet Finishes.

If you are a professional, the Cabinet Finishes workshop
will prepare you to meet the current demand for kitchen
remodeling and cash in on your faux painting talent
in an additional category.

If you are painting in your own home, this is the perfect
way to redo your cabinets quickly and at a minimal cost.

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